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Presentation of Zhongfa Antenna Industry Co.,Ltd.
Built in 1993, specializing in the whole process of manufacturing different TELESCOPIC ANTENNA, ROD ANTENNA, RUBBER ANTENNA, DVB-T ANTENNA and CAR ANTENNA. So far have over Zhongfa Antenna Industry Co.,Ltd.
4000 models. Our antennas supplied to wellknown factories of phone, automobile, TV set, radio, toy, computer intranet facility, electrical appliances etc. Our normal monthly output of antenna is more than 4.5 millions pieces.
Antenna We have co-operations with National No.36 Research Institute in designing and developing new types of antenna. In our production process, there are more than 30 R&D engineers, designers, and QC engineers. Via all the technological supports, we are making with higher quality level but an economical to meet our customer's needs.
Antenna Products:
» Telescopic Antenna
» Phone Antenna
» Car Antenna
» TV Antenna
» Tool Antenna
» DVB-T Antenna
» Accessories
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