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An industry complex, private owned company that is producing all kinds of antenna, battery, illumination components such as ballast, fluorescent tube and various luggage bag, suitcase, trolleycase, roller bag, travel bag, backpack, duffel bag, etc. Do investments in electroplating factory, agricultural area, pharmaceutical factory etc. We are ready to present first grade quality and reliability to our customers.

Started in 1993, from a small factory concentrating on antenna production, now are a large and high-tech multi-industries, Zhongfa Industrial/Investments has been persisting the principle of Honesty and Trust, to present the first grade quality, efficiency and reliability to our customers.

Being situated at a land of abundance-Jiaxing city in the Yangtze Delta of China, avail our company convenient transport facilities and professional staffs help to keep developing new technological products to meet customer's needs. Meanwhile a lot thanks to the kindness of our new and old customers, we keep extending our production range, now the whole company has reached an annual turnover of RMB300 million. Especially In 2002, Zhongfa was authorized by Government to create a private Industrial Park, connected with the east part of the industrial Park is Zhongfa's scientific agricultural area, occupying 330,000 square meters, implanting mushroom, pear, poultry, is an important step in agricultural industry.

Whilst we construct the website with the domain WWW.ZHONGFA-CHENG.COM, we present a portion of our goods and much more hope that you and us will enter into pleasant cooperation and benefit from the "CHENG" spirit, - "Trust forms foundation" !
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